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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 20:58

Get involved in national/ international campaigns

Banner from City of Joy, a project undertaken by VDAY and UNICEF in Congo.

A Thousand Sisters: Practical steps for taking personal action to affect change for the women in DRC.

Raise Hope For Congo: A campaign that aims to build a movement of activists to advocate for the protection of girls and women in the DRC.

VDAY: Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource Campaign

Stop Rape Now: UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict

Congolese Women’s Campaign Against Sexual Violence in the DRC

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Journalists for Human Rights needs your help to spread awareness and help bring an end to the sexual violence that happens to women everyday in the DRC – devastating the lives of women and their families.

Women for Women : Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives

Breaking the silence : building a global justice movement to help the Congo

Oneness Development : The Oneness Development Institute, based in the DR Congo, provides support, care and training to help women and youth heal from trauma, rebuild their life and become confident, active participants in their community and in building peace.

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